July 4, 2006

For the loogah

“Scuse me, while I kiss this guy!” – Jimi Hendrix (or not)

Back in a previous life, I had a pocketbook of misheard song lyrics entitled Scuse Me While I Kiss This Guy.

I wish I still had that book. It would be fun to go over it again, now that I’ve had a more extensive exposure to rock songs—the major source of misheard lyrics.

“Clown control to Mao Tse Tung.” (Ground control to Major Tom.) – David Bowie
“It’s a hard egg.” (It’s a heartache.) – Bonnie Tyler
“Sweet dreams are made of cheese.” (Sweet dreams are made of these.) - Eurythmics

Last night, I was listening to a collection of Steely Dan songs from their Citizen Steely Dan: 1972-1980 box set.

I never used to bother with the lyrics, much less what they mean, since most of the time Fagen’s lyric poetry could hold a candle to... uhm... Beowulf. But this time, “Third World Man” bothered me.

The song went... or at least it sounded like:

Soon you’ll throw down your disguise
We’ll see behind those bright eyes
Flying by
When the sidewalks are safe
For the loogah

“For the loogah”?! What the heck is a loogah?! That couldn't have been "lugaw" (porridge in Tagalog).

Of course, the whole stanza didn’t make sense at all, but I didn’t care, I just wanted to know what he said that sounded like "loogah"!

Thank heavens for the Internet, I found a site that listed the lyrics of “Third World Man.” LyricsFreak.com.

“Flying by” is actually “By and by” and “the loogah” is actually “the little guy.”

The whole song still didn't make sense... but now I can sleep.

But then again, who can sleep after watching THIS?! How do you wash your brain with soap?


Tery Lynne said...

It is so funny how people get the lyrics wrong. When Will Smith came out with "Getting Jiggy With It." My kids would sing "Eating Chicken With It." LOL

ruby said...

Ye, that's how it goes. Haha!