September 8, 2006

Are you ready for the future?

Less than four months to go to Year 2007. 2 0 0 7! I still remember how... in a previous life... we scrambled to ensure that the world as we know it wouldn't end at the turn of the Millennium. The Y2K project we called it. That's history and we're fast drifting past Space Odyssey territory. But where are the flying cars? The shuttles to the Moonbase? The androids?

Just when I imagine I'd have bought the farm when all of these futuristic ideas become part of the human way of life, I come across this video:

If these guys work real fast, I might still get to see flying cars after all.


Tery Lynne said...

I remember the cartoon...The Jetsons...I wanted so bad to be a Jetson! LOL.

ruby said...

Ye! Can't wait!