August 2, 2013

The Hobbit: Lord Elrond Costume: Tunic

Having a dress form is imperative when you’re winging your way to building an all-new costume. You need lots of craft paper too. After receiving my son’s measurements (he’s halfway across the planet, so I was making a costume that he will get to try on only after I send it on a slow boat to Manila), I drew and cut the patterns.

Lord Elrond Costume pattern on the dressform.

Confident that I got all the measurements right, I cut the fabric. I had chosen a maroon jacquard fabric from the upholstery section of JoAnn Fabrics.

Tracing the Elrond tunic pattern to the jacquard material.

I made sure to fit the tunic-in-progress on the dress form that I had adjusted to my son’s measurements.

Testing the cut fabric on the dress form.

The sewn Lord Elrond tunic on the dress form.

While the tunic will remain hidden under the plate armor, I still thought it should have fancy buttons like the actual tunic that Lord Elrond wears in the halls of Rivendell. I set out to look for nice buttons but couldn’t find any that fit the costume. So I made my own, using polymer clay.

Handmade buttons made from polymer clay for the Elrond tunic.

This next photo was taken close to the completion of the project. I thought Lord Elrond wore harem pants (and I wanted to do that last), but upon close examination of the stock photo, I figured he wore a skirt. So, I made the skirt last and attached it to the waistline of the tunic.

The skirt underneath the tunic of the Elrond costume.

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