March 14, 2013

How to Eat a Giant Muffin at Your Workstation

I love those giant muffins! Don’t you? They’re close to 800 calories, so I really don’t eat a whole one in one sitting. Most of the time, I carry the muffin to my workstation and hack away at it little by little all day. Sometimes I’m a good girl and just take a bite or two and then put it away for another day.

Giant Blueberry Muffin
This giant muffin eating habit gave me dilemma, though. When I put the muffin on a plate, take it to my workstation, and chip away at it gradually, the cake breaks apart and then it becomes difficult to eat without dropping crumbs on the floor, the desk, and, of course, my keyboard.

Whether I eat with my fingers, chopsticks (I tried), a fork, or a spoon, or even when I just lift the entire muffin up to my mouth, morsels always end up where they shouldn’t. I’ve had to scrape stepped-on goodness from the floor, invert-tap my keyboard to dislodge wayward nuts and sugar crystals, and lift crumbs off the eyeglasses hanging from my neck. Very cumbersome.

Eating a blueberry muffin.

The solution: a reusable, re-sealable food container. I discovered that the Rubber Maid one-cup food container is just the right size for a giant muffin. I remove the paper under the muffin and plop the enormous treat in the container. 

Giant Muffin in a food container.

The bonus, I can close the container shut anytime I feel guilty for indulging.

Giant Muffin in a closed food container.

A muffin-in-a-container also takes up much less space at my workstation than a muffin-on-a-plate. 

Eating muffin at workstation.

Using a teaspoon, I scoop a mouthful as I hold the container up close to my chin. All the loose particles stay in the cup and I get to eat each and every one of them without having to tip my keyboard. 

Finishing muffin crumbs at a workstation.

Giant muffin eating dilemma solved!