April 26, 2014

Cthulhu Pendant

I’m back after a rather long hiatus. Had to attend to matters of consequence – and oh, ye, I learned a lot of new things during that hiatus. Maybe I’ll share them here one of these days. Today, I’m sharing my very first Cthulhu project.

Curiosity is what usually drives my creativity. I’m always curious how something will come out. I said, “I’d like to try making a Cthulhu pendant. Let’s see what happens.”

Using my favorite creativity medium, polymer clay, I mixed a few colors to form a dark greenish glob. Without a specific design to work with, other than the mental collage of various image renditions of the Lovecraft creature that I saw online, I let my fingers bring the clay to life.

Cthulhu Pendant - polymer clay

Head shape here, tentacles there, texturing here, and... Oh look! I’ve created a monster!

Cthulhu Pendant - polymer clay

After baking the clay, I used dark acrylic paint to add shades to the texture. When the paint dried, I coated the piece with Mod Podge to seal the colors in. Then I glued a pendant hanger to the back.
Cthulhu Pendant - polymer clay

 And here’s my Cthulhu necklace #1! 
Cthulhu Necklace

I took the project a little further by molding a silicone cast of the pendant, for if I become curious about what else I can make from it. My first try at using the silicone cast was with plaster, which was a fail because the tips of the tentacles broke off.

Cthulhu necklace project - silicone - plaster

Next time I’ll try resin. Just curious.