July 31, 2013

The Hobbit: Lord Elrond Costume: Circlet

Before I found the nerve to start working on the Lord Elrond costume, I decided to make the circlet. It was easy enough, looking at the photos, and at some finished products other people have made and put up for sale online.

Internet photo of Lord Elrond with circlet/crown.

I figured that I could make the crown using polymer clay, but it would need to have an armature, or a wire skeleton, so that the clay pieces don’t break. So, that’s what I did.

Circlet sketch and polymer clay medium.

Polymer clay form with wire skeleton.

Because my toaster oven for baking clay was just that, a toaster oven, a whole circlet would not fit in it. Therefore, I decided to make the crown in three segments. I baked the three pieces, glued them together afterwards, and painted the crown with metallic gold acrylic paint.

Elrond circlet clay form ready for baking.

Elrond circlet painted with metallic gold acrylic paint.

The crown came out very nice. I added a gold-colored chain that I found at Michaels. Looks handmade, but serves the purpose, I think.

Lord Elrond Circlet.

Lord Elrond Circlet handmade by Ruby Bayan.