January 5, 2008

New Articles: Metal Tables and Papier-Mache'

New articles at my eHow Home & Garden:

How to Repaint a Metal Table

Metal tables, especially those used in outdoor gardens and patios, can quickly rust and deteriorate from exposure to the elements. They should be checked periodically for fading and corrosion, and then cleaned and repainted as necessary. Follow these steps for removing rust from an old metal table and repainting it to look like new.


How to Make Papier-Mache' Hearts

One of the easiest ways to create decorative forms is with papier-mache' or paper mache. Using common materials like old newspaper, modeling clay and diluted white glue, you can create your favorite three-dimensional shapes and forms for decorating your home. Here are the simple steps for making papier-mache' hearts for Valentine's Day, Christmas, or just for fun.


How to Make a Valentine Mobile

Mobiles are interesting d├ęcor items because they are dynamic and always in motion. Hanging your favorite items in a balanced, free-moving configuration can be attractive to infants learning about shapes and motion, as well as to art aficionados appreciating creative expression. Here are the simple steps to creating a Valentine mobile with bamboo sticks and lightweight papier-mache' hearts.


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