September 25, 2011

Puto and Dinuguan

Finding good puto (rice bun) here in the U.S. is hit or miss. So, I decided to try out a White King Puto boxed mix, which is much like the pancake mix that I always resort to for my comfort breakfast.

The White King Puto powder mix required a cup of water, half a cup of sugar, and 5 tsp of cooking oil. Instead of plain sugar, I used Splenda. I also used Canola oil. After a minute of hand-mixing the ingredients, I poured the batter into my muffin (silicone) molds. Our rice cooker doubles as a steamer, so I was good to go. The instructions said to steam for 25 minutes.

The puto came out just right. I dabbed some butter on top before I took them out of the steamer. My taste test revealed that next time I should put a little more Splenda, and spike the mix with a drop or two of vanilla flavoring.

So, why did I suddenly have the urge to cook my own puto? Because we had some Dinuguan ("Blood Stew") takeout from the Pinoy store, and everyone knows that Dinuguan is always best with puto.


Ariel Giron said...

The White King Puto powder mix is pretty much spot-on. Can't say the same for dinuguan in my neck of the woods though. I have yet to find one that I really like. This probably means my search will be fruitless as I don't have the guts, pun intended, to cook dinuguan myself.

ruby said...

If you wish to use my photos, please send an email request so that we can communicate. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

hi ruby. wondering where you got your silicone muffin molds from? thanks.

ruby said...

These silicone molds are available here in the US where you can find kitchen gadgets -- Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kmart, and online at Amazon.