April 8, 2012

Asking for Directions

I keep thinking about how we could've been more helpful. We were at a red light at an intersection near Seaworld. The guy driving the car next to us, apparently a tourist, rolled down his window and asked, "How do we get to Downtown Disney?"

After thinking quickly because the light was about to change, Mike said, "Go straight, take the ramp to I-4 West."

The guy repeated the instructions then the light turned green. Mike said to me as we drove away, "Well, he'll figure out that he has to go into the 67 exit, and find his way again."

Now I'm thinking, there were other ways to reply to the guy's question:

1. Speak real fast and say, "Go straight, take the ramp to I-4 West, take the 67 exit to Lake Buena Vista, then turn right to State Road 535, then turn left to Hotel Plaza Blvd, then turn left at Buena Vista Drive. Downtown Disney will be to your right. You want me to repeat that?"

2. Say, "Punch 'Downtown Disney' on your GPS and follow the voice prompts."

3. Say, "Use your phone's navigation app."

4. Say, "Google Downtown Disney."

5. Point to the 7-11 at the corner and say, "Go there and buy a map."

6. Resist the urge to say, "It's complicated" and straight-face fib, "We're not from around here. Sorry."

7. Raise an eyebrow, look at the traffic light, stare back at him, and say, "Seriously?"

On second thought, Mike's instructions couldn't have been more helpful. If the guy went up the ramp to I-4 West, he would've eventually seen all the huge signs, one of which is at the nearest exit that says "Downtown Disney".

Downtown Disney

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